Firstly let me apologize for the complete lack of recent updates. This is not, as you may suspect, because there's been nothing happening, but because I've been too damn busy. And I am also apparently incapable of doing more than one thing at a time. Multi-tasking? Not for me, my friends.First up - just did a big illustration job for Razorfish here in San Francisco. FEED is Razorfish’s annual study charting how technology is changing the way consumers engage with brands and I was the lucky bugger who was chosen to provide pictures (with words on them, of course) to illustrate the report's findings and provide a bit of humor. You can learn more about the report itself right here.And here are a couple of the illustrations from the report.

Right before the Razorfish job I was working on another illustration assignment, this time for ad agency Publicis Indianapolis and their client Learn More Indiana. This involved designing, illustrating and hand lettering a campaign of posters aimed at High School students who are about to graduate in an attempt to persuade them to continue their education. Publicis supplied me with the copy and I put the whole thing together working with one of the agency's Art Directors. Here are a pair of examples of what the end result looked like:

Lotsl more examples of the work I did for both of these projects can be seen right here.