David Fullarton

Mr Fullarton is a Scottish born, San Francisco based visual artist and illustrator. Because he is a man with very low expectations he is seldom disappointed and therefore lives a life filled with boundless joy. He has spent most of his somewhat checkered artistic career attempting to create a piece of artwork that doesn’t have words written on it. So far he has failed dismally. In his leisure time he enjoys a variety of smoked cheeses despite lingering doubts about their textures. Perhaps his most prized talent is his uncanny ability to stay out of the way. 

Mr. Fullarton is represented by The Compound Gallery in sunny and scenic Oakland, California. A fine selection of Mr. Fullarton's works is available for purchase at very reasonable sums at The Compound Gallery's online shop.  


if you would like to exchange words with Mr. Fullarton please drop him an email at david.fullarton@gmail.com. This may or may not be a fruitful experience for you.


More About Mr. Fullarton

if this paltry amount of information is insufficient for you, here are some links to a few interviews and features where the normally reticent Mr. Fullarton has expounded at length on a variety of fascinating subjects - 

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The above publication is available through éditions Marguerite Waknine, based in Angoulême, France. It can be purchased online for €10.00 + shipping, but for some reason I can't link directly to the publication on their site. However if you go here and then click on the link that says 'le cabinet de dessins' it should take you right to the right page. Hopefully.

The publication above is available on Blurb. It's self-published, and a few years old now, but it's still pretty nice. One day I fully intend to get round to putting together a new one. Those Blurb books are good quality, but a bit expensive. Also, confusingly, although it's title is "I Can't Apologise Enough' it doesn't contain any of the apology pieces. Not ideal, I know, but that's where we are.


Recorded at The Compound Gallery in Oakland on Sunday, December 10th, 2017.

Q and A with David Fullarton on the last day of his solo show "We Wish That We Were What We Once Were, Back When We Wanted to Be What We Are Now" at The Compound Gallery in Oakland, CA.

Enjoy the delights of the usually taciturn Mr Fullarton mumbling his way through an "artist talk" at the close of his one man show "I Can't Apologize Enough" at the Compound Gallery in Oakland, CA. Recorded on 6/9/13 - Captured Live on Ustream at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/art-in-a-box


This time Mr Fullarton shares the weird microphone that doesn't really work with fellow artists Alison Tharp and Liam Golden, at the closing of their three person show "Things That Happened and Things We Made Up" at the Compound Gallery in Oakland, CA on March 28th, 2014. That's entertainment, folks.