Official Merch.

Late last year I was contacted by merchandising company BlueQ about using some of my artwork on one of their stainless steel water bottles. They chose the 'Unbeknownst to you I have been keeping score all along' piece that had appeared in my Sisyphus Office installation, and asked me to re-do it to fit the bottle shape.I have to admit it seemed like a peculiar thing to stick on a water bottle, but who am I to argue with a crack team of hip marketing experts. Maybe dehydrated stalkers and obsessives are a big target market. Anyway the BlueQ people were an absolute pleasure to deal with, and they just sent me a load of bottles, which look fantastic - even if I do say so myself.This remarkable receptacle is now for sale online and at pointless trinket stores everywhere. Not only do I get paid a tiny amount anytime someone's foolish enough to buy one, but 1% of the sale goes to support the conservation work of The Nature Conservancy. For those who care about such details, the bottle is 20oz./600ml, BPA free, no liner, 18/8 stainless steel and decorated with lead-free inks, all of which are good things, I'm sure. So all that remains is for you to buy one. Now. And yes, I will be keeping score.Cheers.