Book of the Week on Blurb.

Hours of high-quality entertainment at a very affordable price.Those lovely people over at Blurb have bestowed this illustrious honor upon the book I hastily slapped together, I mean painstakingly designed, last year. This couldn't really come at a better time since while I was watching the telly last night about 50% of the electrics in our house suddenly imploded and left us sitting, entertainment-less,  in darkness. Hopefully the resulting enormous spike in sales of this "poignantly hilarious" volume will help me pay for an electrician, and I cease my pathetic attempts to entertain the kiddies with puppet shows by candlelight.If you'd care to buy one and help my children avoid the disturbing spectacle of me talking in a high-pitched voice and wielding  glove puppets you can click right here. Or if you prefer to click on something more visually stimulating there's a natty little link off to the right hand side and down a ways.By the way, if you take my advice you'll buy the Hardback version. The paperback's cover has a disappointing habit of curling up like a week-old cheese sandwich after just one read. (Please note:  this has absolutely nothing to do with me getting more money for the hardback - obviously.)