New Work Now On Show

Hey, people of the internet, I have a show of new work on right now.  It labors under the cumbersome title 'Some Things That May Be Helpful At Some Point', and it'll be viewable at the fabulous Compound Gallery, in Oakland, until December 10th. It comprises the usual section of dyspeptic buffoonery with the occasional dubious surprise thrown in for good measure, so if you're in the neighborhood please drop by and have a look. You can also see pretty much all the new work on my website, right here.Actually the only pieces that aren't on the website are the series of 21 lists that I created, which ended up being the contents of the zine  - as featured in the last post. Below are a few examples - close up and framed. If you click on one, you can scroll through them in a kind of slideshow gallery thing. Enjoy.