As a man with very little in the way of hair I am always swift to admire an abundance of it in others. Particularly when it is worn with a disregard for convention verging on wild abandon. Imagine my delight, then, when I was recently asked by The Imperial College, London to create a portrait of the above effusively haired author of an article in their alumni magazine, the imaginatively monikered 'Imperial'. I'm always a bit nervous about doing portraits, but when I received the photograph of my intended victim my heart leapt, since he had topped off a 'characterful' physiognomy with this truly remarkable coiffure. The subject of our hirsute hero's article was the effects of social media on the lives and study habits of contemporary students, and I attempted to incorporate this subject matter into the portrait but, if we're being honest, it's completely overshadowed by the author's magnificent mane.  Anyone interested in further reading can download their very own PDF of the magazine right here.